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This is the kind of leadership Mayor Duterte is known for.

This is the kind of leadership Mayor Duterte is known for.
1) No Smoking
You can't smoke in hotels, malls, offices, business establishments, sidewalks, markets and any public places around Davao City.
2) Total Firecracker Ban - Including Christmas, New year and Chinese New year
Your money are well spent for noche buena and gift-giving rather than wasting money for firecrackers, which also produces pollution and injuries. Zero casualties for more than a decade now.
3) No to Kotong Cops
Eliminated Kotong Cops, Davao City has been winning and consistently a contender for the Most Outstanding Police Office in the Country.
4) No to bora bora ( noisy mufflers ) , Loud Vehicle Sound System
You can sleep peacefully at night, motorcyle borabora and Loud sound system are just a nuisance especially at late night and dawn. Run a borabora around davao, you risk yourself cited and bike impounded. You just have to respect other people's rights.
6) The apprehension of Drunk Drivers and puts them in jail
There is no law against that in the Philippines, Mayor Duterte is stepping up because drunk driving causes a lot of accidents and lost of lives.
7) Strict implementations of Speed Limits.
Pedestrians are no longer afraid of being run over by speeding vehicles, less vehicular accidents - statistics now shows 90% less fatal accidents since strict implementations. I myself got the ticket last Jan 30,2014
8) Strict Implementations of Traffic Laws
Traffic is very orderly in Davao. No beating the red light. Vehicles not allowed to step on pedestrian lanes. Also Police visibility is excellent, discouraging traffic offenders and as well as criminality.
9) Strict Implementation of Gambling Laws
Illegal gambling is not allowed.
10) Strict implementation sa 2/3 - 1/3 sidewalk clearances
Pedestrians always have a sidewalk, motorist always have roads and the vendors have a place to make a living.
11) Transform Davao into an award winning city over the years
Cleanest and Greenest highly-urbanized City in the Philippines, Most Competitive city to do business, Most Gender responsive LGU in the Philippines, Hall of Fame, Best Peace and Order council in the Philippines, Most Outstanding Local Government Unit, Top government withholding agent, 1st in overall Tax payments, Top tourist destination in the Philippines, Most outstanding Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific Region, Most outstanding KBP Chapter in the Philippines, Cleanest air in the world - Member of Clean Cities Coalition, Most Culture-Friendly City in the Philippines, Most Child-Friendly City in the Philippines, Best City Police Office in the Country, Most Outstanding City Library in the Philippines, Best City to Implement Food Fortification Program, One of Only Three Areas in World to have the Integrated Emergency Response System, Most Liberal Political Climate in the Philippines, National Literacy Awards 2013 Hall of Fame under the highly urbanized city category, Best Quality of Life by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Most Prepared Emergency Response System in the Philippines. One of the Top most livable cities in Asia. The City Mayors Foundation ranks Davao City as the 87th fastest growing city in the world, and it has been listed by the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine as the 10th "Asian City of the Future". Highest employment rate in the Country. Many more and expecting more to come.
12) No to Drugs
Very seldom or very little drug pushers around. Gone are the old ones and new players are testing the waters. But will fail time and again.
13) No to Criminals
Davao City was once the worst (No mans land) to become the safest city in the country,in fact, 4th safest City in the world. What a turnaround. A City not safe for criminals, but very safe for its residents.
14) Taxi drivers are not allowed to do contract fare, only meters are allowed or risk loosing franchise and vehicles impounded.
As a result, Davao has the most honest, very courteous and friendliest taxi drivers. No scammers. Always give change to the last centavo.
15) Best environmental protection.
Strict Implementation in Protecting the water sheds Best potable or drinking water in the country and one of the best drinking water in the world.
16) Anti-discrimination law implemented.
Considering Davao City is in Mindanao, a conflict driven area. But under his leadership, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Npa, Mnlf, Milf, Foreigners all live harmonously in Davao City.
17). Discourages graft and corruption
Eradicated most of the Corrupt officials under his jurisdiction in the City of Davao.
18). Advocates the Safety and Wellness of his constituents.
People of Davao enjoyed the services of Davao 911, the first and only one in asia. Its an Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch service with combination of police, emergency medical services, fire auxiliary, K9 units, urban search and rescue. To top of it all, its FREE. And you shoud see them in action .
19) Economic Boom and Job Creation
Davao City is now booming economically, that people around nearby provinces are moving in to Davao City, some from Visayas and Luzon are joining the bandwagon. New buildings are sprouting. A very different world as how Davao used to be. Now its population has ballooned to around 2.0M , Metropolis Davao is not so small after all. Mayor Duterte should be tough to manage a City this size.
20). The Mayor has always led by example

Since the mayor is doing his job well, and the people under him will be ashame if they will not do the same. This is how he gets the love and respect that he had from the People of Davao. You wont find his name and pictures on city projects, ambulances, bridges, basketball courts,electric post and so on. He never grandstand. He is very approachable, humble and down to earth. If you have some issues and go to him, expect it will be solved right in no time. Expect some action.

Again, Davao City was one of the worst before and have risen from chaos and anarchy.

Again, Davao City was one of the worst before and have risen from chaos and anarchy.

Currently, it is safest city in the country and 4th safest city in the world. I bet each and every Filipino wants the same. So, no matter how much the media portrays how bad the Mayor is, the results of his leadership style stands and speaks for itself. If Peace and Order is advocated. Graft and Corruption curtailed. Guarantee, Progress and Development comes next. And now, another milestone for Davao City. Davao City has the highest employment rate in the country. Davao City also has the highest satisfaction rating nationwide for businessmen in terms of policy and advocacy.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Teeradio/photos/a.152089174860247.34697.129273093808522/871933022875855/?type=3

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